18 Oct 2024

The Queen of the Ocean

Friday 18th October at 7pm

£45 per person

We are delighted to host a unique and interactive theatre event from Histoire Productions ‘The Queen of the Ocean’, based on the final 24 hours of Titanic’s journey from Southampton to New York.

A three-course meal, recreated from an actual menu discovered in the pocket of a surviving first-class passenger, is served and enjoyed over the course of the ‘journey’ whilst an interactive theatre performance happens all around you. Based on eyewitness accounts and survivors’ testimonies, the company acts out a poignant and heartfelt original script. The ambience is mirrored with an original soundtrack whilst backdropped by a projection of the Titanic in her final moments on that night.

Come and experience all of this for just £45.00 per person!

For further details and to reserve your place, please contact our reservations team on 01286 674477 or email reservations@celtic-royal.co.uk.