Celtic Piano

The  Uxbridge Arms Hotel were held the meetings of the Adelphi Society, which enlivened the then surrounding Olde Caernarvon society with their grand balls and entertainments. The Ballrooms glittered with expensive crystal chandeliers, flunkies in their liveries and wigs, and waiters, coachman, grooms and amid servants The ladies with their long gowns and fashionable stunning jewellery. 

The men wore their evening dinner jackets, high collar points, and the local militia and navy stole the show in their beautifully decorated uniforms. The stables and coach houses were extended in 1810 and were situated at the rear of the hotel, being some of the finest in the country and formed a completely enclosed courtyard, together with tack rooms, farriers and grooms quarters. The hotel also had its own exclusive park and walkways at the rear of the block. Queen Victoria visited in 1832 and stayed a short time at the hotel. In her honour, the Hotel was renamed The Royal Hotel.

Later the Uxbridge Arms Hotel hosted lavish balls and entertainment for the Adelphi Society, where ladies wore long gowns and stunning jewellery and men graced the dancefloor in dinner jackets, high collar points and cravats

At around the same time the hotel also gained its own exclusive park and walkways, right up to the foot of Twthill rock where the road now runs.
Queen Victoria stayed in 1832 with her mother and in her honour the hotel was renamed the Royal Hotel

Conversion works took place in the 1960s, it was then in later years; under independent family ownership that it reconnected with its past whilst modernising for the present. Now it boasts relaxing and comfortable lounge areas. 

A TV Lounge – Comfortable seating in a relaxed chic TV Lounge

A Library Lounge – with its interesting artefacts of old sewing machines, books and radios. 

A Snug  – with  bare bricked decor, small piano and comfortable seating arrangement