Go Underground for the Ultimate Adventure in North Wales

The mountains of North Wales are millions of years old and have a fascinating geological history. What better reason to go underground and explore the incredible caverns and passageways right at the heart of the Snowdonia Mountains?
Well, here’s one reason: Zip World Caverns!
Zip World recently opened the world’s first fully underground obstacle course and zip line in Blaenau Ffestiniog. Following on from the success of Velocity, Titan and Bounce Below, Zip World have now created a network of 15 zip lines and a subterranean adventure course within the caverns of a disused slate mine. Wanting to preserve the unique atmosphere and history of the traditional slate mine, Zip World have left the cavern unaltered as much as they possibly could, whilst creating an experience unlike any other in the world.
The course takes you gradually higher up into the caverns across rope bridges, suspended logs and metal footplates jutting from the rock walls. The caves and platforms are lit up in a colourful but eerie fashion, and the cold and damp underground air adds another sensory edge to the adventure.
Expect to crawl through narrow passages and tunnels, some of which were used by the miners 140 years ago. As you pass through multiple caves, you’ll see the Bounce Below trampolines suspended above you and seemingly endless darkness below. The zip lines are not as fast as their outdoor equivalents, with speeds of 30mph rather than 100mph. Instead, your adrenaline rush will kick in as you find yourself spinning round, plunging into darkness, through tunnels only a few feet wide.
The course takes around 2 ½ hours to complete, costs £60 per person and is suitable for children over 10 years old (if accompanied by an adult).
Visit the Zip World website here.

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